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Workers’ compensation is an insurance plan that employers in Riverside when they are injured performing the duties of their job. Employers are required to pay benefits to injured employees for medical-related expenses and lost wages, to pay medical bills, and support employees who have been injured performing the duties of their job. 

Workers' Compensation Riverside

After reporting your injury you need to be aware of the steps you need to take. Ask your employer for a claim form, fill it out and turn it in. Your employer must give or mail you a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) within one working day after you report your injury or illness. Please use this form to request workers’ compensation benefits. Fill out and sign the “employee” portion of the form. Be sure to describe your injury in detail. Include all the body parts that have been injured. Give the form to your employer. This is called “filing” the claim form. Do this as soon as possible to avoid possible problems with your claim. Get good medical care. You should be treated by a doctor who understands your type of injury or illness.

Your doctor should:

  • Prescribe care for your job injury or illness and manage your overall care
  • Determine when you can return to work
  • Identify the types of work you can do safely while recovering
  • Refer you to specialists if needed
  • Write medical reports that will help determine the benefits you receive.

Inform the doctor about your injuries and the events at work that caused them.

Your employer must fill out and sign the “employer” portion of the form and give the completed form to a claim’s administrator. This person handles workers’ compensation claims for your employer. Your employer must give or mail you a copy of the completed form within one working day after you filed it. Keep this copy.

The claims administrator has to decide within a reasonable time whether to accept or deny your claim.

The Importance of a Workers Compensation Attorney in Riverside

If you do not have a top-notch California workers’ compensation lawyer on your side, you may not be receiving all that you are entitled to. It is in your employers’ best interest to pay as little as possible on your claim. They work with their powerful insurance companies to minimize your injuries and pay out as little as possible. Having a great attorney makes all the difference. We fight on your behalf and force the employers and the insurance companies to pay what they are required to.

How to Choose the Best Riverside Worker's Compensation Attorney

Track record matters. We have successfully settled thousands of cases for our clients. We have worked both sides of California Workers Compensation. This gives us a unique perspective and enables us to get the best settlement for our clients.

How CWILC can help you with your Workers’ Comp case in Riverside, CA

We will send you to the best doctors and specialists to help you with your injury. Our panel of experts will get you on the road to health and get you monetarily compensated for your injuries. Workers Compensation can be intimidating for the employee. Employers and their attorneys will try and keep their costs down by offering you the lowest amount possible to settle your case. Having us represent you will let them know that you are serious about protecting your rights and that you have great representation on your side. This makes all the difference in the world when you are up against powerful insurance companies and their attorneys.

Types of Workers’ Compensation cases we handle in Riverside, CA

  • Permanent disability
  • Partial disability
  • Death claims
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses

How to Choose the Best Workers Compensation Attorney for Your Case

By visiting our website, you have taken the first step towards hiring the best attorney in Riverside. You want to choose an attorney that the experience and knowledge to get you the best settlement possible. We have worked both sides of Workers Comp so we know exactly what the other side is thinking, what offers they will accept and how to extract the most money.

What is the process to Hire a Worker’s Comp Lawyer?

Call us! We will walk you through step by step on how the process. It starts will a phone call to our office. Our friendly and knowledgeable will explain the whole process to you and put your mind at ease.

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