Workers' Compensation Attorney Anaheim

Let our lawyer advocate on your behalf for your Anaheim workers’ compensation case. Whether you have been injured on the job, sustained a repetitive work injury and/or have a psychiatric injury from a hostile work environment we are here to help. 

The California Workers Injury Law Center helps individuals who live and work in Anaheim and the surrounding areas to get the workers’ compensation benefits to which they are entitled. We provide our clients with the legal representation they need to ensure that their rights are protected and they are properly compensated for their injuries.

Under the state’s no-fault workers’ compensation law, if you have been injured while you were on the job, you may be entitled to:

  • The cost of any necessary medical treatment, including those associated with traveling to and from treatment
  • Temporary disability benefits when you miss work due to your injuries
  • Vocational retraining if you can’t return to your previous employer
  • Permanent disability benefits if you can no longer hold a job due to your injuries
  • Death benefits paid to your survivors if you should die in the course of your employment

Because California’s workers’ compensation law is no-fault, you need not show that your employer was negligent to receive compensation and most people who were injured while conducting work-related activities are eligible.

Why Choose California Workers Injury Law Center as Your Anaheim Workers' Compensation Attorney?

Our attorneys specialize in assisting workers in Anaheim and the surrounding areas in getting the benefits they deserve following a workplace injury. We provide efficient, effective representation to quickly resolve your claim so that you can move on with your life. In addition, the lawyers at our firm are experienced in negotiating with the attorneys representing employers and insurers to secure the maximum possible benefits for our clients.

Clients who have worked with us often recommend the California Workers Injury Law Center to friends, family, and co-workers who have suffered workplace injuries because we get prompt, positive results. Our clients have praised the professionalism of our staff and the compassion they show to those dealing with the short and long-term effects of work-related injuries. Our attorneys will work diligently to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to both sides.

We understand that those who are suffering due to a workplace injury often have little money to pay for an attorney to represent them and that’s why we only charge a fee when you have received the settlement or benefits you deserve. In other words, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

What You Need to Know About California Workers' Compensation

Any business operating in California with employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance by state law. That rule applies to all businesses, including those with only a single employee, so there are no exemptions for small businesses.

A business’s workers’ compensation insurance policy must provide coverage for any on-the-job injury, regardless of whether the employer is at fault. That means they must provide coverage both for injuries from accidents as well as those that result from repetitive motions or prolonged exposure to harmful conditions. Additionally, policies will cover some work-related psychological injuries.

California’s no-fault workers’ compensation law is usually viewed as favorable to employees, but there are some downsides for those who suffer injuries. The most significant downside is that it bars workers from suing their employers for most injuries.

State law also prevents injured workers from receiving compensation for any pain or suffering they may have suffered. Finally, California workers will not receive a settlement for lost wages. Instead, those workers who have suffered an injury that has left them permanently disabled will receive a disability payment equal to the amount by which their disability reduced their income.

When Should You File a Claim?

If you suffer an injury while you were working you should report it immediately to your employer and seek emergency medical care, if it is needed. California law requires that employers provide their employees with access to emergency care, so you cannot be penalized for seeking needed treatment. When you are treated you should also tell the medical staff that you were injured on the job so that it is reflected in your medical records.

As soon as is practical after receiving treatment you should file a claim with your employer. If your employer does not let you file a claim, contact a lawyer to ensure that your rights to workers’ compensation are protected and that you receive all required benefits. You will not be allowed to file a claim after your employer has notified you that you have been fired or laid off, so it is crucial that you get your claim filed as soon as possible.

Who is Eligible to File a Claim?

California does not limit workers’ compensation benefits to just full-time employees. In some cases, part-time employees, temporary employees, and independent contractors may seek benefits if they are injured while working. Additionally, workers who are not legal U.S. residents may receive benefits as a result of their injuries.

Can My Claim be Denied?

Even with California’s worker-favorable workers’ compensation law, sometimes injured workers will be denied benefits. Common reasons for denial include:

  • No medical treatment was needed
  • You did not provide proof of your injury
  • Your injury was unrelated to your job
  • Your injury did not prevent you from returning to work

Should your claim be denied, you will still have the opportunity to file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board for a favorable determination. If you choose to file an appeal, it is usually a good idea to seek the help of a lawyer because your employer and the insurance company will have their own attorneys representing them.