ATTORNEY Rae Sadeghian-Levin

About Rae Sadeghian-Levin

Rae Sadeghian-Levin obtained a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in Political Science. At UCLA, she completed a coveted international program at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and United Nations International Court of Justice in Hague, Netherlands.

She worked abroad at UNICEF helping to fortify fundraising outlets for children in industrialized countries.

Rae Sadeghian-Levin obtained  a Juris Doctorate from UC Hastings. She was an extern for Judge David C. Velasquez in the Complex Civil Panel at Orange County Superior Court handling mass tort and employment class action cases. 

Rae Sadeghian-Levin represented insurance carriers in workers’ compensation matters as in-house counsel at Travelers Insurance.

Rae Sadeghian-Levin was also an associate at prominent insurance defense firms such as Cipolla, Calaba, & Wollman and Testan Law. However, her real passion is utilizing the knowledge gained from insurance defense to represent injured workers effectively and obtaining the benefits deserved. Ms. Sadeghian-Levin frequently litigates serious and willful misconduct as well Labor Code 132(a) employer discrimination and termination. She also represents applicants’ in Alternative Dispute Resolution cases.