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Our workers’ compensation attorneys have advocated for Los Angeles residents for several years, obtaining the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured on the job, sustained a repetitive work injury and/or have a psychiatric injury from a hostile work environment, we are here to fight for you. 

California workers’ compensation is insurance that pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to employees who are injured or become ill “in the course and scope” of their job. It also pays death benefits to families of employees who are killed on the job in Los Angeles.

The injury could result from one event at work such as falling off of a ladder or burning yourself with a chemical agent or as a result of repetitive movements of your hand, shoulder or back (carpal tunnel). Lastly, worker’s compensation covers some stress-related or psychological injuries caused by your job.

Employers in Los Angeles pay for this insurance and shall not require the employee to contribute to the cost.

Los Angeles Workers' Compensation

What is the purpose?

Worker’s compensation was instituted in the 20th century to provide employees in Los Angeles who are injured on the job with medical care and treatment for their injuries.

If employees get hurt or sick because of work, your employer is required to pay for California workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ comp insurance provides basic benefits, including medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and a return-to-work supplement, and death benefits.

Sometimes a disagreement can arise between you and your employee over issues such as whether the injury was sustained on the job or how much in benefits they are entitled to receive. If you have a dispute with your employer over your injuries or treatment, it’s time to call us at CWILC in Los Angeles. We will fight for your rights and get you the best possible settlement and medical care.

How CWILC can help you with your Workers’ Comp case in Los Angeles

If you don’t have the best representation, you will likely not receive all that you are legally entitled to for your workers’ compensation case in Los Angeles. Employers and their insurance companies do all they can to keep their costs and expenses to a minimum. Many times, they will minimize your injuries, they may even deny your claim, preventing you from seeking the treatment and the settlement you are entitled to. It is important to get the best advocate on your side as soon as you have suffered any type of work injury. Whether it’s a repetitive injury such as carpal tunnel or a sudden injury like a burn, you need to hire an attorney right away to secure you legal rights.

Types of Workers’ Compensation cases we handle in Los Angeles.

There are generally 5 types of Worker’s compensation cases including:

  • Hospital & Medical Benefits
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability & Lost Wages
  • Death Benefits
  • Supplemental Benefits

Who Needs a Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Anytime a dispute arises in your case you should look into hiring an attorney. Below are some examples of when you want to call an attorney:

  • If your employer denies your claim, minimizes your injuries, or is slow to pay for your medical care. Unfortunately, it is common for employers and workers’ compensation insurers to deny legitimate workers ‘claims. Most employees do not follow through and fight for their rights. They accept whatever they are told without knowing that they are entitled to monetary damages, medical care, and disability. Unlike most attorneys, worker’s compensation attorneys’ do not cost the employee anything upfront. The attorneys are compensated only when you receive a settlement. This puts you and your attorney on the same side and gives your attorney an incentive to get you the maximum amount for your case.

  • Your employer’s settlement offer doesn’t cover all your lost wages or medical bills. If you don’t think your settlement offer is enough to cover your medical expenses and lost wages, then you need the expert advice of a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney. At California Work Injury Law Center, you will have comfort knowing that you have an expert on your side fighting for you every step of the way.

  • Your medical issues prevent you from returning to your prior job, limit what you can do at work, or keep you from performing any work at all. If you’ve suffered a permanent disability—whether partial or total—you may be entitled to weekly payments or a lump sum to recoup your lost wages. These cases are very expensive for the insurance companies, and they’ll often make it extremely difficult for you to get what you deserve. A top workers’ comp attorney is essential in cases involving permanent injuries or illness. If you don’t have the best attorney on your side your settlement likely won’t cover all of your expenses, and you will suffer significant financial loss.

  • You are receiving or planning to apply for Social Security disability benefits. If you don’t know your rights, your workers’ compensation settlement may lower your Social Security Disability payments. California Work Injury Law Center will draft your settlement, so your rights are protected and the impact on your Social Security benefits is minimized.  This is crucial to your long-term financial health. 

  • Retaliation. If your employer fired you, demoted you, cut your hours, reduced your pay, and kept you from being promoted or engaged in any other form of discrimination because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, you need to contact a workers’ comp attorney right away. All of these actions are illegal under California law. You should never have to suffer any of these indignities in the workplace. We will protect you from employer retaliation by filing your case and ensuring that your rights are adhered to.

  • Your employer is trying to force you back to work before you are able to: Never feel pressured to return to your job if you feel that you are too injured to do so. It is common for doctors who work for the employer to pressure employees to get back to their job earlier than they are ready. This can lead to a worsening of your current injury and/or injuring another body part. Consulting with an impartial doctor is very important. We have a team of doctors that will evaluate your injuries and help you on the road to recovery.

  • Your employer refuses to acknowledge or report your claim. You may be unsure if you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to or the company doctor may deny you are injured. In these cases, it is imperative that you seek out an attorney to secure your rights.

    Other times, your employer may refuse to place you in another position within the company while you recover from your injuries. 

  • Your employer is slow to pay your medical bills and claims. If your employer is refusing to pay or is slow to pay for your medical bills it is time to speak to an attorney. There is no excuse for an employer to treat an injured worker in such a manner. Many times, it takes an attorney representing you to get your employer to do the right thing and pay what they are supposed to.

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility in Los Angeles

What is covered under workers’ compensation in Los Angeles

  • Medical
  • Lost wages
  • Temporary or permanent benefits
  • Return to work assistance
  • Death Benefits

How to Choose the Right Workers Compensation Lawyer for Your Case

You’ll want to know your attorneys’ experience in handling workers’ compensation cases. Having worked on over a thousand cases we have the experience to handle your case no matter how complicated.

You’ll also want an attorney that knows all facets of worker’s compensation. At CWILC, in Los Angeles we have worked on both sides of workers’ compensation. We know how the employers and insurance companies work, what they are thinking and how they treat their employees. We are aware of all their strategies and negotiating tactics. We will protect you and fight for every dollar you are entitled to. We have thousands of satisfied clients, let us help you too!

Experience with Work-Related Injuries

We have won settlements against large and small employers throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our Los Angeles office does cases for all types of work injuries. These include slip and fall, burn, industrial accidents, repetitive injuries, and carpal tunnel just to name a few.

We have successfully resolved many cases in Los Angeles to our client’s satisfaction

Compensation for Workplace Accidents in California

If you’ve had a workplace accident such as a fall, burn, or heavy lifting accident please give us a call. We love to take difficult cases, denied cases and cases that are challenging. We strongly fully defend our injured clients. Accidents are often devasting to the employee. Not only are they hurt but they frequently have side effects such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. It is very important that you are seen and helped by a good doctor who will give you an unbiased evaluation.

How Much is the Average Worker’s Compensation

Settlement in Los Angeles – the settlement depends on a variety of factors such as length of time working for the employee, job title, nature of the injury, salary at the time of the injury and the type of injury itself. We present all of these factors to the defense and negotiate the best settlement possible.

Will Workers’ Compensation Reimburse Full Salary?

You are entitled to 67% of your salary in workers compensation benefits. The benefits are tax-free to the employee. The total amount depends on the amount the employee was making and the total time they were employed

How Long Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Los Angeles?

Employees are entitled to 104 weeks of workers compensation benefits at 67% of their salary

Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation FAQs

It depends on the case. The employee age, occupation, time worked at the employer, severity of the injury, amount of wage loss. No two cases are the same. That is why online calculators are not accurate.

Our firm is experienced in getting maximum settlements for our clients. It’s not all about percentages of disability but there is art to negotiating with the insurance companies. That’s where we shine. We have been on both sides of the negotiating table and know what to ask for and what they will be willing to settle for.

No, it will reimburse 2/3 of your gross wages tax-free.

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